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Specializing in components and systems for factory automation, product assembly, and motion control

  ACCUPLACE -- www.accuplace.com
pick'n'peel assembly machines for die cut adhesive backed components, labels, two sided adhesives, foamed gaskets, foam pads, etc., repeatable accuracy of .002"
  AMC -- www.amcautomation.com
extruded aluminum, power & free pallet conveyors, single & dual strand, belt, cap chain, oversize roller, & honeycomb style, aluminum extrusions & components for guarding & bases
  DE-STA-CO - CAMCO Products -- www.destaco.com
dial indexers, roller gear, right angle, parallel & miniature type cam indexing drives, pick-n-place, flexidex servo dials, servo positioning drives, ring indexers & precision link conveyors
  DORNER -- www.dorner.com
low profile belt conveyors, complete wash-down conveyors
  DIXON AUTOMATIC TOOL -- www.dixonautomatic.com
automatic screw drivers - part placement units - components or tooled stations
  GILMAN PRECISION -- www.gilmanprecision.com
linear guide slides, hardened steel way slides, dovetail slides, cartridge & block spindles, integral motorized spindle systems
  INTER-LAKES BASES -- www.interlakesbases.com
standard & custom machine bases – steel, rolled aluminum & cast aluminum dial plates
  MAYR CORPORATION -- www.mayrcorp.com, www.mayr.de
mechanical torque limiting devices - rotary/linear - backlash free bellows, spider, and disk type, torsionally rigid couplings - slip type clutches
  ROBOHAND -- www.destaco.com
parallel, angular, & rotary grippers, linear & powered slides, feed escapements
  SCOTT ROTARY SEALS -- www.scottrotaryseals.com
rotary unions and rotary timing valves – standard and custom designs
  SMAC -- www.smac-mca.com
linear & rotary moving-coil actuators
  TECHNIFOR -- www.technifor.com
micro-percussion, scribing, and laser marking machines
  VIBROMATIC -- www.vibromatic.net
vibratory and centrifugal parts feeding systems - polycast - brushlon

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